greetings from Paris.

Well I’m in Paris but I don’t know that it really counts.  I’m sitting is the AirFrance Skylounge having an espresso and a croissant.  That’s about as French as this trip will get I think.  I’m joined at my table by a couple of Norwegian men and a lady who won’t talk to any of us.  It is crowded and feels very European.   I have slept about an hour and a half in the past 24 and have one more flight before arriving in Norway later this afternoon….  hopefully if I confuse my body enough it will automatically adjust to Norway time and boom I’m a rockstar.

Again I have been delinquent in my postings but rest assured I have been out and about.  Charleston was great and I enjoyed catching up with old co-workers. I loved Savannah and can see why people end up staying after a visit.  Thanksgiving in Florida was lovely and it was great to be able to spend it with family.

I have left Gordy in the capable hands of able bodied Floridians and am off to Europe for a couple of weeks.  I’ll try to reflect more later but until then… enjoy the photos.


1-bulldogsLook….. it’s a Bulldog in front of a Bulldog.  We’re in Charleston.


2-gordy Folley1Folley Beach… I guess we have the place to ourselves!


3-gordy CrabThat is not a treat Gordy…. it’s a horseshoe crabshell.


4-Folly Sand


5-feet up beachJust chillaxin with the Gordy. I was going to write down my reflections but did this instead.  You can imagine how deep my thoughts were.


6-rear door ciewLooking out the rear.




8-charleston vanDowntown Charleston.


9-charleston PondGordy Wasn’t sure what to do with the water fowl.


10-old coworkersThese are the best people a guy could have shared a weekly phone call with for the past couple of years.  The group at MUSC that worked with the data for the trial I had been working with.  It was nice to be able to stop in for a  visit and see everyone.


11-Emily SavannahWhat’s up Emily…. Are you ready for this?


12-making friendsGordy can be very particular about who he befriends and the time that this may take.

13-makingfriends 2“No.  I will not talk to you”


14-making friends stubborn“You are talking to me… I will act indifferent.”


15-fine I'll be your friend“Why did you stop kissing my ear… you are my new best friend”


16- Tybee SunsetTybee beach in Savannah


17-Tybee Moon Dock


18-Tybee Sunset Surfing


19-Fishing Moon


20-Beach ActivityI like to see the different groups of people that gather to share a beach at sunset.


21-Tybee Pano


22-Tybee Alley


23- selfieThe first in my series of “people taking selfies”


24-out with MileyAm I out with Miley?


25-we are adorbsThese two are obviously awesome.


26-punching bagShe’s jacked.


27-Miley is backMiley and friends again.


28-kubb1Savannah Kubb nights.


29-porch crewHanging on the porch enjoying the evening.


30-backyard CircusThen the circus came to the backyard.


31-kubb again


32-Gordy's van chicksThis is just how the G-Man rolls.  Welcome to the van.


33-state Park:mossThe Spanish Moss was pretty great everywhere.  This was headed into a state park.


34-just another Tuesday NightJust a typical Tuesday in Savannah.


35-Fountain and KrisBike Tours.


36 - trees


37 - don't forget GordyHEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!


38- Mrs WilkesDon’t miss Mrs Wilkes’s… it was awesome.


39- clean plate clubThis is totally the meal I should have chosen before trying Bikram for the first time.  Kris teaches and invited me to class for the night.


40- chilling at the BeanHanging at the Bean.


41- fountain sillouette


42 - Carriage TourFinally making Emily learn a little of the city history on a carriage tour.


43- Forrest Gump ChurchIf you’ve seen Forrest Gump you might be asking where the feather is….


44- Our BackyardThis was the yard that Emily so generously shared with us during our stay.


45- Thrifting World SeriesAnd when thrifting in Savannah you might find a 1991 Twins World Series Pennant.


46- Patriot Dog


47 - Ole Fort JacksonHanging out at “Old Fort Jackson”


48- Container Ship PortSavannah is a major shipping port in the U.S.


49 - Gordy in BedGordy got on the officer’s bed.


50 - Jackson Buttercup


51- professional MilitiaThese guys are professionals.


52- red hat tuxTotally normal to take a walk in the woods in your tux and red had.


53 - Wormsloe OaksWormsloe is awesome.


54- Wormsloe Buttercup


55- Concert ByeThanks for the memories.


56 - busch leagueBusch League.


57 - 600 OakThis is a 600 year old oak in St. Augustine.


58 - St. Augusting ChristmasI need to stop here for now with the captions because my plane is leaving… I’ll edit the post later.


59 - lights selfie


60 - Tired Gordy


61- Jail


62 - Church


63 - Pool Restaurant


64 - Pool Original


65- Flagler


66 - Flagler Spire


67 - Selfie Fort


68 - Albino


69 - Feed the Birds. Tuppins a bag


70 - Goo!


71- Don't Eat Me!


72- jk dead croc


73- Rat


74 - rat 2


75 - Lighthouse Stairs




77 - Chineese Dinner


78 - Maland House


79- Gator


80 -Carving the Turkey


81- Stuffing


82- Group Thanks


83- Sleeping


84 - Cousins


85- Out for a walk


86- Patrick Moraz


87 - Kubb Night


88 - company


89 - Farmers Market


90 - Gordy Chilling


91 - On A boat


92- Sunnin


93- food vs. Maland


94- Buttercup nights


95- Lucky Dolphin


96 - Pose


97 - Dinner


98 - Dinner 2


From the Vineyard to Ashville.

Again… click a pic to take you into the gallery.

These pictures bring us from Martha’s Vineyard through Ashville N.C.

Woah… I learned how to add a gallery.

I’ve made my way to Charleston and have found myself of a pretty unpopulated part of Folly Beach in South Carolina’s Low Country.  I suppose for locals it’s a little chilly for the beach but I’m enjoying things none the less.  As well as chasing the Fall, I’ve probably also been chasing the tourist season, which suits me just fine.  Gordy and I just have that much more room to run around.  I’ve taken a few extra days off of the road to collect myself and make plans for the next segment of the trip.  In less than a month I’ll have been to and nearly returned from Norway already.  I guess times keep ticking away no matter where you’re at.

Here’s a little photo update from some of the previous stops.

See you soon!

-E, G and B.

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Plymouth Rock

Cape Cod


Well…. It turned out there was some sort of festival going on in Provincetown the night I was there.  I thought I’d share the experience as best as I could.  It actually was a pretty good time and obviously the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Buttercup does Boston.

Why not swing by Boston for the World Series….

I had initially decided that driving an RV named Buttercup through any major city may be ill advised… I haven’t however always been known as one to heed the advise of others (even when that advice is my own) and instead choose to prove the naysayers wrong….  It isn’t often that one just happens to be driving through the city hosting game six of the World Series either. It would turn out that Boston would go on to win game six and clinch the World Series at home for the first time in nearly 100 years in this storied franchises’ history…. we had to give it a try.

Well I’m still driving and Buttercup is in one piece…. Although we did narrowly escape a low tunnel with about 4 feet to spare before the exit when I noticed the “10 foot low clearance” sign ahead.  We won’t be attempting this feat again soon.

Enjoy the pictures!

1- Gordy SoxGordy was excited and dressed for the game early.

2 - Police EscortSo this is my rear view mirror. That is the back door with a small window I look through to see what is behind me.  What is difficult to make out is the police escort trailing me because I had propane on board.  Apparently this is a no-no when traveling through the tunnel that I needed to traverse on my way to the stadium.  Thankfully I was deemed non-threatening and the escort was sufficient.

3 - Easy parkingIt turns out that parking an RV is easy in Cambridge.  Also, by chance, this is the street that my cousin used to have her office on.  What are the odds?

4 - Them ApplesHe got her number.  How do you like them apples.

5- At the RiverBy the river.

6 - SundownGreat evening for a game 6!

7 SkylineI decided to make the walk to Fenway. The view was pretty great and the Prudential Building was in full support of the home team.

The last time I was in town was the week of the Boston Marathon. The morning I left, the city was on lock-down, and in the middle of a manhunt for the bombing suspects.  The scene and atmosphere in the city couldn’t have been more different for my return.  The pictures should speak for themselves…  What a difference.



9 FenwayJust blending in.

10 - PoliceThe bike police had a parade!  It reminded me of the Shriners!

11 - Melissa World SeriesThis is Melissa. She asked if I had an extra ticket to the game… I didn’t.  We waited around the park for a while, taking in the atmosphere and energy of the place before I rented a bike and we took off back to Cambridge to enjoy the rest of the game indoors at “Miracle of Science” on Mass Ave with some ginger-beers and other locals.

12 - Last OutBefore the last out of the game…  This local was ready for the victory… they got it and the Sox Won.  The place went pretty crazy and I have to say I was glad to be around and be a part of it all.

Visually Salem (and Gloucester)

1- Kennebunkport Beach

Kennebunkport: Listed in my book of 1001 places to see before you die.  Actually there is a B&B listed but the beach was more appealing.  After a long drive, it was great to mingle with other locals out for a stroll their house animals.  Gordy had a good time running up and down the beach and even played well with others.  He also pooped twice.

2- Woodman's of Essex

Woodman’s.  Also in the book.  Birthplace of the fried oyster.  Turns out I don’t like fried oysters.

3- out the Back window Winter Island

We stopped at Winter Island in Salem for the night.  Not bad for a van down by the river.

4-Winter Islan Barracks

There was a nice little walking tour which pointed out that we were staying at old fort.  These were the Barracks that were modeled after George Washington’s residence.

5-Winter pano

6- lighthouse Sunset

A great start to the day with the Fort Pickering Lighthouse.

7- moat

Gordy found the Moat… or what was left of it.



8 - lobster 1

Hello Lunch…

9 - Lobster 2

Not bad for a Minnesota kid.  The waitress thought so anyways.

10 - Gordy Sailor

11 - Salem Gnome

There was a pie eating contest for Halloween Week.  This Gnome won.

12- Salem Map

This fountain (obviously shut down for the season) is actually a map of Salem.  The top layer is the original coastline and the bottom layer is present day. It’s pretty hard to see the layers but they are there.

13- Salem Grave

Salem Graveyard.

14 - Giles Corey

This 81 year old man refused to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty (of being a Witch) when accused.  This prevented the courts from taking possession of his property and allowed for the inheritance to be passed along to his children.  He was placed under a wooden door in a pit in the ground.  Stones were piled on top of the door for six days before he was eventually crushed to death.  According to local legend, with his last breath,  he cursed the town of Salem. Today many continuing misfortunes are blamed on the curse of Giles Corey.

16 -Jail Houdinini escaped from

This is an old Jail that Houdini once escaped from.

17 - Lightning Grave

Notice the gravestone that faces this tree.  The gentleman buried here died after being struck by lightning.

18 - Lightning Tree

According to locals, this same tree that he is facing has been struck three additional times since his burial.

19 - Witch trial memorial

These benches alongside the graveyard are a part of the Salem Witch trial Memorial.  As they had been branded Witches, the victims of the trials were buried in graves barely deep enough to cover their bodies leaving them open to the advance of wild animals.  Needless to say, the bodies have long since vanished and the individuals were never given a proper burial.  This memorial stands as a place for remembrance.

20 - Salem Graveyard

This tree has been growing in the graveyard since the time of the Witch Trials.

21- Toy Museum

The Toy museum in Salem is amazing.  I’m pretty sure I had all of these He-Men.  The collection is pretty incredible and has been featured on a couple of TV shows but I didn’t pay close enough attention to tell you which ones.

22 - Alexander Graham Bell

Who Knew?!?  Go Salem!

23 - Samantha

Bewitched did some filming in Salem.  A few areas are featured in the TV show and created some buzz in the area for a while.

24-House of 7 Gables

This is the House of the Seven Gables as featured in the book of the same name by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Many would speculate that he added the “w” to his name to hide himself from his local familial past. His relative, judge John Hathorne, was the only judge involved in the witch trials who never repented for his actions and involvement.

25 -Allison and the Pickering house

Allison was a tour guide at the House of the Seven Gables.  She was able to take some time out of her day to cruise around with me and Gordy sharing some local history.  Behind them is the Pickering House.  It still houses members of the Pickering family, making it the longest lasting property with the same continued lineage in the U.S.  She is currently pursuing a career in the music industry and is planning a rip to Ireland next summer.

26 - Bad Math

Someone at WalMart is very bad at math.


If it seems that I’m jumping around a little here, I’m just backing up and telling about the trip bit by bit… I’m sure you can keep up; there’s only a little to backtrack on.

On Saturday we left Acadia and drove up to Bangor, basically to say that we’d been there.  One of the locals at Jaspar’s (our dinner stop in Ellsworth the first night before heading into Acadia. I highly recommend the all you can eat London broil and a cup of seafood chowder.) had mentioned they had a strip club up there.  It was much nicer that the old strip club and had all new furnishings… He was pretty sure the previous owner had sold all of the old accessories on Craigslist.   The new owner had several other clubs in the South in addition to the club recently opened in Bangor, but they were opened as different entities though just in case one of the establishments got into any legal trouble. This way the other clubs couldn’t be connected and he could stay in business.  In any case, in addition to selling the old furnishings, online… the previous owner had also listed “other things” for sale as well.  That’s why she got shut down…..well,  according to the local anyways.  According to the waitresses folding napkins nearby, it wasn’t the “online sales” that were the issue but actually a nasty outbreak of scabies that closed the place down…

So we drove through Bangor with a brief stop to gas up then on through to Augusta and onto Lewiston. Actually Auburn, which is just on the other side of the river about 20 minutes Southeast of Norway.  I popped into BuffaloWildWings to catch some of the World Series before overnighting at the local Walmart.

In the morning we headed out and drove past Portland heading South towards Boston.  I checked my handy app, which lists all of the camping and rest stop areas in the U.S. and realized we were very close to Salem.  This intrigued me as I have always been sort of fascinated by the area.  It was also interesting that we could check out the area during Halloween week, which made the area a hot-spot for tourism due to the history of the witch trials.  I decided that this would be our stop for the evening and we pulled into the Winter Island camp area and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision.  You can read more about the time spent there in the pictures section that will illustrate some of the high points of the stay.  (this will be the next post so don’t worry if you can’t find it yet.)

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!Image

Visually Acadia

There is no way this small sampling of pictures could in any way represent the park, but its a start..


After leaving Portland, we drove up the coast on Highway 1, this was our first potential lunch stop.


We drove into the night.  Stopped at a great place called Jasper’s, then continued on into Bar Harbor.  Good Morning!


Gordy and the Boats.


This is a fountain.

ImageHalf way up Cadillac mountain provided a nice view of the town below.

ImageKing of the Mountain.

ImageJust stopping for a while to take it all in. A lot of the pictures later are from along the coastline in front of us.

Image1,528 feet

ImageThis scenic drive.

ImageSieur De Monts Spring is the place people often associate with the birthplace of Acadia and one of the founding visionaries George Dorr.

ImageJust a stop by a lake.

ImageThe G-man out enjoying another run in the sand.


ImageTime to keep going.



ImageNot a bad lunch stop. Jordan Pond. It kind of seemed fake.

ImageReady or not, here I come!  (Buttercup is not very good at hide-and-seek but I always let her pretend that she does a really good job hiding.)


ImageGetting better at the hide and seek.

ImageHe’d getting into a bad habit of sticking his tongue out at me.

ImageSunset from the top of Cadillac Mountain


ImageWe got there about an hour and half early and not only watched the sun go down but also the crowd gather and disperse.


Sunrise on Cadillac.

ImageSand Beach.  Alone.

ImageIt was pretty amazing the amount of time we were able to spend in isolation in the park.


ImageView from one of the hikes I ventured out on.


ImageTough Mudder.

ImageOvernight, the leaf season had ended.





ImageWe noticed some sea-kayakers.


ImageHis bad Habit.

ImageHiking into Wonder Land


This was pretty much the vibe of Wonderland.

There was much more but the camera got packed away.  It was a little rainy on our last day at Acadia and we said out farewells and headed out into the night.